Style & Know How

Research and know-how are the basis of this organisation. its research is developed within the archives of the most sophisticated traditions but the final aspect is the result of applying the most advanced technologies. An innovative partnership formula that links the company to a weaving and a dyeing mill, allows an exchange of know-how, while maintaining the maximum independence and autonomy between the single elements.


Quality Efficiency

Girani has maintained a company structure of medium but highly efficient size, able to take care of its customer in a fast and personalized way.



Girani is engaged in various projects to increase the sustainability of its production chain and to reduce pollution. Its attention to ecological products, water and energy consumption savings, investment in renewable energies and environmental respect are among the company’s priorities.


GIRANI S.R.L. | Via Olmeda, 5/A - 22070 Capiago Intimiano (CO) |

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